KakaoTalk for Windows

On this page  you can easily download KakaoTalk for Windows. It is  high time to start  to use this version. First of all because of wide opportunities, which Windows version will open for you.

This is not only big  screen, but also faster communication via good internet connection  and comfort of typing on  keyboard.

kakaotalk for windows 1

It is really comfortable to  communicate with friends, relatives or just good people when you are sitting in front of computer. You don't need to distract  yourself because of smartphone.  

kakaotalk for windows 2

KakaoTalk for PC  has a lot of opportunities, such as:  sending messages, videos and photos to your friends, and  personalize the chat, communicate with one or a group of friends.  It is very easy to do. Just select needfull contact and press  special clip. You will see all possibilities for  sending different files. All this is available for free, without  having to pay for sent messages, you only need to have a connection to the internet via 5G or Wi-Fi.  

kakaotalk for windows 3

KakaoTalk is demanded in Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan, Thailand,  and in the United States. This messenger in  these countries is the number one, and it is used by almost every second  user. And to tell you the truth it  has honestly deserved  such popularity. One of pluses of  KakaoTalk is, what your phone number is your user name.  After a simple registration, the program will automatically detect who from your phone book has already installed the messenger,  and display them in the tab friends.  

Download KakaoTalk for Desktop


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