KakaoTalk - is an application for instant messaging, which can be used on devices iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows Phone.

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After installing KakaoTalk on your device, you can find friends from your contact list if they have installed this program and immediately start a conversation. KakaoTalk - is an application like WhatsApp and it allows you to stay in touch with all the friends, having a mobile phone (the app will not work with a PDA or tablet).

You can send messages, videos and photos to your friends, and personalize the chat, which communicate with one or a group of friends. All this is available for free, without having to pay for sent messages, or have a connection to the internet via 3G or WiFi.

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KakaoTalk is demanded in Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan, Thailand, and in the United States. This messenger in these countries is the number one, and it is used by almost every second user. And to tell you the truth it has honestly deserved such popularity. One of pluses of KakaoTalk is, what your phone number is your user name.

After a simple registration, the program will automatically detect who from your phone book has already installed the messenger, and display them in the tab friends. 

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KakaoTalk is an absolutely free application. It means that you will not pay for using it. The only thing which you pay for is the Internet traffic. Also this application gives you the great opportunity to send photos, video, audio and other files to your friends for free. So, don't loose your chance to become number one among your friends who use KakaoТalk, and to develop your own net.

Download KakaoTalk: Mobile Version

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