Download KakaoTalk for Android Tablet

First of all we will shortly tell you, what tablet is and which functions it operates. The undeniable advantage of tablets is a user-friendly operation. It is always and everywhere may be taket with you, it has reliable battery which will not fail in the crucial moment. Average time of active use of such devices is 6 hours or more. Such a long time of operation will let you not worry about that fact, that surfing on your favorite pages in the Internet can be stopped instantly.

All Android tablets have the opportunity to connect to the World Network, for example, using the technology Wi-Fi. Easy and quick reading of the opening pages takes a lot of fun for surfing. The portable device can perfectly cope with the role messenger, if you install it on a special application.

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Android Tablets are perfect in the role of the media center. Listen to the  music, watch videos, create your masterpiece - everything is available to everyone. Besides, always keep in touch with friends via messengers like KakaoTalk. This messenger works perfect on tablets with Android platform.

This messenger will show you another world of communication. Believe us, it has so much functions and opportunities, that left its rivals far behind. KakaoTalk collected the best parts of all well-known messengers and quickly  become very popular messenger.

On this page you can download KakaoTalk for Android Tablet

Download KakaoTalk for Android Tablet


Download KakaoTalk for Android Tablet (APK file)


User: Jeannie Chang

Dear Kakaotalk,

Thank you very much for prompt response.

I just got new Samsung Tab A and like to install Kakaotalk on my Tab (hope to be able to have same Kakaotalk account if possible; if not possible, other alternate way), so I can open kakaotalk from my Tab as well without interrupting my kakaotalk on my smartphone.

Note:  I am the only user for my phone and Tab and I use only wifi on my Tab.

I hope  there is good solution.

Thank you very much in advance.


Jeannie (장윤경)