Can I use Kakako Talk on two devices?

The best answer to this question will, unfortunately, be “No” but this answer mostly concerns the cases when people wish to use the same profile simultaneously on two devices. A popular messenger can be used only on one device due to the peculiarities of the software and in order to avoid system errors or messaging conflicts.

The moment you lunch the profile on one device it will immediately log out from the second one. Yes, this may sound inconvenient but still, that is for the sake of safety and data preservation.

What can I do in such situation?

Basically speaking, there are two ways out that can be offered for the users.

  • You will have to bear with the inconvenience and constantly shift from one device into another. Still, you will have to re-enter the verification code on the new device after every shift. If such procedure will occur rarely, it will be quite easy to deal with an issue

can i use kakako talk on two devices

  • The second option is two create two separate profile with two different phone numbers. As a result, you will have two absolutely working copies of the software on both devices. The only issue that might take place is that the friends can send you a message or a picture to the device that is currently not with you.

can i use kakako talk on two devices 2

  • Both variants are available for the use and you can use easily apply them for yourself.